Friday, August 11, 2006

lot's of bad news this week

Unfortunately I've been hearing lots of bad news around me ...
So not going on to the next round of the effer dares is no biggie at all !
To my friend N, Elwira & Anita my thoughts are with you and I wish you all strenght to deal with that wich lies ahead of you. Know that your family and friends will help you through this rough patch and if we could we would take this burden from you !


*Fauve* said...

Ahhh too bad,maybe next time!I am sorry that i can't be a part of your DT anymore,i hope you will find somebody else!!Just email me,when you do want me :D
LOVE Fauve

Daphne said...

Alles tegelijk! Dat gebeurt nou altijd... take it easy

elwira said...

Thanx for your thoughts, it warms my heart. You're the best!

Janna said...


i love your layout anyways! keep trying!!