Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Update

Thinking back I've had this crisis around the same time last year too... And I want to thank all my (blog & irl) friends for getting my spirits up through your comments and chats and especially Liek for her sweet happinez sentiment and Flo for the hugs. BUT the biggest surprise was this card and besides being absolutely fab it was so unexpected (you see I'm the kind of person that sends cards and gifts regularly but rarely receive them in return) that it blew me away. Thanks so much Ingrid, this was the cherry on all the sweetness I have received in the last 2 weeks.

I have thought long and hard and decided that things can only get better and I have to make some changes in my life to make them better. So I've asked my mom for some assistance and she is helping me out with the shop for a while, just getting things organized that I'm not getting done in the 2 days and 7 nights that I have off from my regular job. Want to get my healthy slimmer self back again so I've returned to the gym to get back into shape and give me some relaxation & energy and I've even made some time to scrap this week....

So as for an update from the last 2 weeks, here we go !

DH's been really sweet to me lot's of cuddles and backrubs :D and he got me the cd "Rockferry" by Duffy and I LOVE it ! Not only this song is fab but the rest is cool too, totally my style reminds me of Carmel.

A sweet scrapper in the US (thanks Wendy!!) helped us out and ordered this

and mailed it to us so we too can scare the world with our funny video's. Watch out LOL. It arrived right on time BECAUSE Michael is swimming for his A certificate after 2 years of lessons, we are so happy (and so is our wallet) and we will be having a little party, we bought him some cool books from Geronimo Stilton (Fantasia and some of the smaller series) and we are going to Burger King for dinner.

Colin started judo lessons and is having a ball, we got him the suit and everything we think it is the perfect sport for our bouncy ball who loves to grab and hold people hihi.

We've been trying to make a new banner but so far nothing has been good enough so we are still working on that (well DH is ...) so you'll have to wait for that.

The boys cooked dinner for easter and it was fun to see if the recipes they picked were to their taste (well not everything was LOL) but it was a good step towards awareness of other menus besides pancakes, fries and pizza which they choose when they can decide the menu ....

Oh and I yesterday I went to a workshop @ SDJZ given by the lovely Jo-Anne and Lucy and had a great time, they had a fab mini-album that I'm finishing off this week it's so cool ! We totally surprised Lucy by coming as she didn't know and sitting between the fab Monique and Corinne was fun ! I will show my lo soon too !

Thursday, March 20, 2008

not coping

Yep that's me I'm talking about. At the moment I'm having troubles coping with everything in my life, not blogging a lot, not laughing enough, not responding a lot, not taking care of business a lot, no scrapping at all, not coping with evenings very well, basically I'm not on top of my game ....

What's up you may ask, well I'm damned if I know.......

What I do know is where the fatigue is coming from; I've had the last appointment with the fysio this week and he said I'd be tired but oh my this is really bad. I work on lots of MLS stuff during the evening and this week I'm crashing at 21.00 which does not give me a lot of work time. The thing is my fysio is an ostheopath and after dealing with my knee, he turned to my pelvic and back because since he was treating me they started to hurt. But he does that in a peculiar way, he's been messing with my muscles in my stomach (said they were all being pulled to my appendix scar ...?) and he's been prodding and pushing my organs around like crazy ... Appearantly my tummy doesn't give the natural resistance it should (none really) and appearantly that is not good for me ?? it seems to be working as my backpain is going away but because he's been doing that I had to drink lots and lots of water to get the waste materials out of my body and I would feel really fatigued and he was right. I have to go back in a month so we'll see how that goes ...

As for my state of mind, hmmm maybe I'm in bad need of lotsa sun, chocolate (I've got boxes full of the cocolate kind and I don't care if Bubbah tried to convince you otherwise ...) or just lotsa fun who knows. But it's good I've got spring break until next wednesday so I'll at least get some rest from the daily blahblah ....

Well I'm off to crash, Happy Egghunting to all this weekend !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1st Scrap-a-licious Weekend

This weekend was a lot of hard work but we've had fun too ! We had the whole shop packed into 19 moving boxes and boy that was a lot to move but it was worth it as we had just about everything everyone was looking for. Totally need more people to help out next time with the shop though as I didn't have the opportunity to meet people I didn't know, talk to people I did know or finally met IRL :( as I was busy making invoices and dealing with the payments.
Dear Diana, Marije, Astrid, Ingrid, Hanneke, Petra, Sylvia, Fauve I hope next time we meet we'll have more time to chat (next SiS Crop maybe ?) !!
I've almost unpacked everything, already been to the wholesalers for new crayons, skulls and pins, reordered a lot of stock for the shop and now I have some admin to work through.

Thanks DH, Mandy, Wendy & Corinne for helping out in the shop and other stuff and Celine for giving some awesome workshops that I unfortunately totally missed as I was working ;) and thanks everyone for your patience while trying to pay, it was our first big event and I'm taking it all in as a big learning experience for the 2nd Scrap-a-licious workshop ^^)

My toothache is slowly getting less and less, so I guess the dentist was right .... And my back took a turn for the worse over the weekend, hmmm I wonder why ;) but after a good massage on saturday (thx Wendy) and a visit to my fysio yesterday I'm doing much better !

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

extreme home makeover

Love that show but since Ty won't be visiting my house we're DIY it all the way .....

I went to Ikea yesterday to buy a guestbed for the guestroom that is being made by my DH as I write this. HUGE thanks to my friend Martine for coming along and helping me lug this heavyweight home !

I can never leave IKEA without buying some other bits'nbobs and these pillows screamed take me with you so I did :)
Front Back

They made me smile and they will totally fit into our new colorscheme (light browns, blues, pinks, greens) I'm working on this year (yes year because changing our interior isn't done in a week I'm afraid to say) but slowly we are getting there and everytime I add something it looks better and better. Cannot wait till the new couch and curtains as that will make the biggest change.

Blogreaders have been asking about my knee and it is healing pretty good actually, I can take little sprints when I need to rush, and I don't seem to have any pain. I cannot lean on my knee or go through the knees and stay like that bcause the tension is too big but other than that the knee is doing well. My back on the other hand :S ... how is it that physio's always seem to find another project to work on ....
My moulder is still giving me lots of pain but I have no time to go to the dentist again so I will deal with that next week.

Because I am having a bit or a rough time, just a lot of things on my plate right DH is being so sweet for me. He won a special preview to a chick flick and gave them to me, I took my mom as she could use a night out too and we went to see Definately, Maybe. Great film to go see with a good friend, I can definately recommend it ! Thanks babe !

Looking forward to this weeken, Scrap-a-licious weekend. WOW getting everything organised this week and it's actually going better than I thought. I am (i confess I need this every now and then) taking some natural relaxatives or else I'd be the wicked witch and we don't want to go there ..... I've bought some extra fab products that we will be sharing in the weekend and if we have any left we'll be showing them in our webshop after the weekend. And I'm making such cute little bags of goodies to sell, I've got the vintage ones done and I'm now going on to the pastels and brights.

I'm so looking forward to meeting a lot of blogfriends IRL this weekend CU all there !