Friday, September 28, 2007

he looks so cute

don't you think so ? Boy he is losing teeth so fast he looks so different when he opens his mouth. 2 more are already loose, the other upperfront tooth and the bottom cornertooth on the right.

Oh and DH has been playing with Adobe Lightroom, some seriously cool effects can be made with that. Check out this pic, I look ok even though I have the flu ...

I was so happy with my DD , for those who missed it :

The other DD babes rocked it too ! You can see what they made here, and I'm sure you can live up to this dare, c'mon give it a try !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is been a turbulent month for MLS ... A month of saying goodbyes, expressing gratitude but also a chance to reflect, change and new ideas for everyone.

Scraps is starting their own store in Gouda and we wish them lots of success with this !

Daphne is taking a little break with some time for herself and her mini me but not without a fun prenatal scrapafternoon for the dt.

Charlotte will be plunging herself into more schoolwork and Scrap!, we wish her lots of suc6 and of course we will be checking out your work there !

Monique is still rebuilding her new house but promises to give a housewarming party so we can admire her lovely Scraproom. We will be keeping her close though as a regular guestdesigner !

Francine will be plunging herself onto a adventure @ work with a new client and cannot help us out with our newsletter. A loss for us but luckily we do not have to miss her writing style as we can read, laugh and cry along with her on her blog.

Jo-Anne has a lot of great opportunities for workshops, ScapinStyle TV and within her job @ Nike that doesn’t give her enought time for MLS. We totally understand and don’t have to miss her too much as we all can check out SISTV, ask her as a guestdt every now and then and check out her blog (and since I’m a bff LOL I don’t have to miss her at all).

So that leaves a bit of a small dt that made the dutch dare this week, but they are still fab as usual. Here's a sneakpeak of mine, lot's of bling in this one !

Friday, September 21, 2007

Picture of me

We are in a great position to have so many friends that are photography geeks (LOL I mean this in the sweetest possible way sweeties) so DH has been getting lot's of tips on which camera and lenses and such. And even better position because one of our friends loaned us one of her extra's and Ed is playing like there's no tommorow ! Here's a couple of a whole series he made of me and I love them !

on a creative high

Well at least I think so this week as I've been finishing lots of 1/2 started projects (of which I have a box full) ....

This is Colin about 3 months old.

photo made by the sweet Francine.

A fun and inspiring Adrienne Looman workshop, made this for my friend Liek. Hope to give it to her Sunday !

last weeks dutch dare which I pimped a bit afterwards with some journaling:

And I don't think I ever shared this one of Colin with the title on it, but it's been finished for ages with thanks to this post of last year.

I also made some cards, I will share those next week !

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


What I've been up to ?

I'm totally digging sites like goodreads, facebook & hyves. And have been exploring facebook a lot these last few days.

I've been creative, wow finished 3 lo's and making a bunch of cards with scraps I had left over.

Went to a crea market to sell some stuff, wasn't a big suc6 but a learning experience (like check out the location and make sure the organizers promote it enough !)....

Have been giving a fab beginners workshop to enthousiastic scrappers to be.

My scrap studio is finally tidy, so this weekend I can get my admin up to speed and get cracking on those RAKS I promised centuries ago LOL.

Well that's it really, so what have you all been up to ?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2 anouncements

Birthday update will follow this week, I'll show you all the yummy gifts I received ! A lot of things in pink ;)

*1 New Dutch Dares are up today and it was a fun challenge, here's a sneak peak of mine.

Check out the challenge Mandy gave us.

*2 If you are in the neighbourhood of Badhoevedorp this saturday there's a small creamarkt in the dorpshuis and I will be there with some shopstuff. Lot's of creative things will be for sale there 3d cards, beads etc. It's from 10.00-15.00 and the entrance fee is only 1 euro !

So unlike most people, today is a day I think about all the families that have been affected by the aftermath of 9/11. As the day after is probably the day they really realised all that had happened and to whom ... My heart aches for them !

Friday, September 07, 2007

My treat

Unexpectedly going to a workshop of Adrienne Looman today and since it's my d'day {*edited well if you know my age it is d'day but I meant B'day LOL} I wanted to treat my friend Corinne, who's also there working hard @ giving some fab workshops, to something yummy, but since she's working hard at her diet I thought I'd treat her to my first ever felt project, a cupcake. Zero caleries and longlasting yumminess .....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm a sucker for charity ... If I had more funds I would spread it around over all the charities there are. But we have to make choices so we have a list of 5 charities that we are long time donors for; Aids fund, WNF, Greenpeace, Clini Clowns and Cancer fund. But I must say we can never resist someone who's collecting for all the other charities that are out there that pass us by.

And because I love a good cause I wanted to make you aware, for those that have not heard about these 2 initiatives : {edited : make that 3 !}

Scrap-a-Little Sunshine
Scrapping cute mini albums for children with cancer, now who can resist that ? I have 2 free workshops scheduled for this cause on monday September 24th and Friday October 12th. If you're interested you can email me to register for this.

Scrapping against Cancer
The Art Noevoo girls, a belgium scrap blog, are organising a day to raise funds for cancer on november 11th in Ekeren, Belgium. If it's not too far out of your way and you're in for a fun day then you should definately register for this Scrappen voor Kanker event !

A sisters Hope
I was waaaaaaaaaaay behind on a sweet and talented lady's blog and it turns out she's doing something wonderfull for cancer too. Monique Helfrich is walking the walk and has pledged to raise 1.500 euro's through donations but also by organising all kinds of sales in her hometown tommorow. I wish her a lot of money so she can make the goal, I will surely be helping with this and will donate money in her name ....

So let your fingers do the typing or scrapping and donate or create but please do your part for cancer. We all know how important this cause is !!!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Yes a huge toot .... But not for me but for my DH Bubbah !

For what you might ask, well he hasn't scrapped (yet) but has so many fans all over the world that love his blog, he's been interviewed by an online mag for scrappers in Manilla. Check it out here; My Scrapworks

Amazing that something that started out as a practical joke on me has resulted in a this, a fun blog for men and women somehow connected to scrapbooking.
I'm a proud wife, not that I wasn't yet, he is one in a million my sweet Bubbah !

Oh and if you are a frequent visitor of his blog please leave him a comment as he'd love to know who you are, c'mon don't be afraid !

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I value friendships and know how important they are in my life.

I do not have a lot of old friends as I moved a lot in my youth and it's hard to keep friendships when this happens. But sometimes friendships end for other reasons or for no reason at all and I feel it's like a divorce really it hurts and it takes (well in my case) a lot of time for my heart to heal....

But you know the good thing about friendships ?

You can always make new friends, and I'm happy to say that over the past few years for the one that ended 3 years ago I've made lots more. I've been lucky enough to meet great new friends who trust me, love me and take me as I am, ones who I laugh with, share things with and have lots of fun with.

Thanks to all my new friends for making my life fuller ! You know who you all are !