Monday, August 23, 2010

Colin's Birthday Party

It took a while before we really celebrated his birthday (we did this intentionally because everyone was on holiday and we wanted him to have lot's of guests there to celebrate with us) but when we do we go all out ! Spongebob was our theme and I think we rocked it !

A bigger shot of the dessert table & photo wall since I'm so proud of how it turned out (credits : table by me, wall by Ed) !

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sometimes you need a little time

Time to but read a lot of books (the darkest powers & House of Night series), be ill (twice), make plans for the summer, make plans for redecorating in your home, purging and raise 2 highly intelligent kids. So that's why I needed a little blogbreak somehow I just didn't feel like writing here ...

But we have been doing a lot more than just the above to be honest, never a dull moment in this household.

After getting his B swimming certificate it took Colin only a month to get the final C certificate and that didn't come without a tough injurie because he somehow got a chunck stripped of his little toe and that bled so fiersly he was afraid to go back into the water. So even though he did not do all the necessary required obstacles he did get his certificate ! We were very proud and happy that the lessons (twice a week) were history :)

On May 25th, I started with ear-acupunture and a special diet which basically means no Carbohydrates at all so I could fit into my clothes again, be confident and feel like I did 2 years ago before my car/bike accident & the pleuritis.
The past weeks have nog been tough really, i don't miss a lot of foods but mostly fruits, french fries and potato chips. The great thing about this combination of diet and stimulation is not that I've been losing lot's & lot's of kilo's but lot's and lot's of bodyfat ! So far I've only lost 5 kilo's (3 and I'm @ my goal) but so much fat I could already fit into my clothes after 2,5 kilo's :) Only a few more weeks to go and I'm confident I will find a new balance with my food, weight and gymroutine.

Michael and Colin are doing very well in school, Michael will be going to the next grade (6) and since this will be a grade in which he will be getting lot's of new things to learn, he will have plenty to keep him busy as he already is in an excell program because he is way ahead of the rest. Colin will be skipping a grade and going from 3 to 5 as his level was, at the end of the schoolyear, already at the same level of the 4th graders. We're hoping he will be okay on a social aspect, but his former teacher and new teacher seem to have the utmost confidence as they've never had a student of which they are more sure he will be ok than him. So I'm trusting their judgement and we'll keep a close eye on how he's doing at school and at home. Colin is very excited he's been visiting the class and likes the kids much better than his own class, according to him there are less kids that tease there.

For the last day of school I wanted to do something special for the kids so I made them cookie's for them to bring to school. They turned out ok for my first try, i put them in little bags with labels saying have a great vacation, for Colin it was a goodbye gift in disguise. The teachers, the internal mentor, the head master and the concierge also got a bag of cookies and they were happy surprised.

We took the boys to see a Kiss concert, they thought it was fun to see but it just takes a while before the concert started and usually they can stay up real late but Colin fell asleep at about 9.30 pm and Michael at about 10.00. Don't worry they had earphones in, and they needed them as the opening act was ridiculously loud and nothing at all in the genre of Kiss. It was a good concert and they played really long, well worth the money. We weren't the only ones that took the kids along, there were a whole bunch of them with kiss t-shirts and make up on !

I tried to host a bbq party but unfortunatly it was not a good date i set, lot's of people couldn't make it due to prior engagements but I was dissapointed a tad when a lot of people just didn't respond ... I mean hello I cannot host a party if I don't know wether you're coming or not. I must say I have been a bit dissapointed on more fronts with friends/aquaintances inviting us around for fun stuff, it seems I'm always the initiator and I really should learn from this but it's hard ....
Oh well that's just us I guess, we're not the popular crowd never have been but we are a fun crowd and I'll someday be ok with it, it always takes me more time for things to settle down with me.

Now we're well into our summer vacation (7 weeks for me, 6 weeks for the boys and 3 weeks for Ed) it's been all about Dutch Baseball week, waterguns, sunscreen, geocaching, Movie Park Germany, relaxing at my aunts hotel in Germany, purging, Colin's 7th birthday, sleeping in, volunteer work for a handicap baseball day and getting the house back into a respectable state that has been long overdue for the last let's say uhm 4 years .... And hopefully a visit to the beach before the summer ends as every time it's been beachweather we couldn't go ....

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

the tale of a boy who finally turned 7

He's finally 7, been counting the days and reminding everyone the day before (like we could forget) that his birthday was finally close and wanted breakfast in bed but was on the sofa watching tv @ 8.00 (he went back to bed to eat it once we were up LOL).

He's a bubbly little boy, repeats the starts of his sentences numerous times until he knows everyone is listening, is the grouchy one but also the easisest to turn into a smiley one, highly intelligent ahead of his years (which frustrates him more every year as his brother will always be older and thus able to stay up later than him ...), still love watching nick jr., has trouble finding his own friends in the neighbourhood but is never afraid to be assertive in shops or fastfood restaurants when something needs to be asked/returned, has a hard time doing what he's told but if you tell him why he is more accepting, cannot be asked more than 1 chore or else he'll forget the rest, a very polite, easygoing and considerate boy when playing over at afriends house (so somewhere it is getting through whereas we only notice this in him when his brother is away), loves to cuddle you to death all the time to the point it's annoying LOL, is becoming quite the little baseball player getting better every game, can write really neatly for a lefty, hates cleaning up his room but when he does does a reall good job, likes to help getting the laundry done but hates setting or clearing the table, loves goin to bed late but we hate it that you don't know how to sleep in, love eating cereal for breakfast and faced a lot of fears in Movie Park Germany this year ( I have a really good picture I'll share soon of us 4 in the sponge bob ghost chaser rollercoaster) and adores his brother even though he gets upset with him a lot. Life would be a lot duller withouth having you around !