Friday, June 30, 2006

2 cute M&M's

Look at these cuties .... Their first schoolphoto together, and I really love it !
Usually they are not themselves on schoolphoto's (I mean look at the one of Michael by himself, not too bad this year but a bit of a shy smile) :

I never even purchase the ones that are made of Colin at the creche (he always looks real shy even a bit scared of the photographer) but I couldn't resist the duo one from school since they are captured like they are (and the single one was needed for the record ;-) ....)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Brat Pack & 80's movies

Last night they are showing the Breakfast Club and this is one of my all time favourite 80's bratt pack movie. The others are Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles (only didn't like St.Elmo's Fire for some reason) so what's your favorite brat pack movie ????? My other favourites from the 80's are The Outsiders; I sooo love that poem "nothing gold can stay" by Robert frost (up until today I can still recite it !) & the outsiders gang, I had a big crush on C. Thomas Howell funny enough I didn't notice Tom Cruise at all. And because of this movie I read and have all of S.E. Hintons great novels. Also big fave is Ferris Buellers day off (love that song from the parade)!

Bring back memories ?
C'mon don't be shy if you've not posted before go ahead tell me what you're favourites were, you can post in dutch if you like, no rules or regulations on a blog !

ps. Recovering a bit, still find everything exhausting, am not hungry at all (good for 2 kilo's less in weight ...) but better than days ago (and the house is clean & neat big yeah for Monika !)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Flu

Sucks ...Yes I have the flu and combined with another problem I've been dealing with for a while (tiny recurring health issue) I am not a happy camper at all ! One good thing, Ed is also at home with the flu so at least I'm not alone lying in my bed feeling sorry for myself, but sharing it. Yes as soulmates should share everything......
What also sucks is that everything is piling up around me (washing, dirty dishes and other fun stuff) and we just don't have the energy to deal with it. Thank god my help is coming tommorow ! Even going to the pharmacy is a big thing... need to rest after that. I am getting some journaling and reading done in between naps, so that's the only good thing come out of this.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Playing Hookey

Ed had a day off because of the many hours worked over the last weeks so we decided to let Michael play hookey on friday (and told him it was saturday LOL) and go to the Efteling which is less busier on a weekday than on the weekend or holidays.

They had so much fun, although we didn't even see all of the park (we started at 11.00) but we saw the most important little kiddies stuff, by 17.00 they were so tired that we left for Mac Donalds and of course this was the perfect ending of a fun filled day.

Here are some fun pics :

We started with a little lunch.

First stop Fairytale woods !

Where is that music coming from ?

Wow now that is a long neck !

Hey person whatchadoin' (really that's what he said !)

Taking a look in a gnome's house ....

Yes it's me, honestly a photo of me, about a hundred made and there are a few of me, I liked this one the best.

and even a few photo's of Ed...

Not so happy with his choice on the carroussel.

Very happy with his choice on the carroussel.

That's all folks ....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's going on ....

So every once in a while I take some photo's that I really like, here are 2 .....

And this is how our fathersday started out ....

The boys decorated some cool things; a magazine holder and a beer glass. We also gave Ed a new bathrobe (limegreen) and a funny book with quotes (Dad's are mom's with balls from Daphne Deckers).

Oh and this is what I'm working on at the moment, almost finished just need to add journaling, doodling etc.

And something else is going on, but still developing, something to help me get more balance in my life .... But can't share it yet .....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mary J Blige Rocks !

I thought I wasn't going to her concert this year but Martine's sister was ill so I went in her place. Had so much fun, I didn't like the pre-show which was Van Hunt, but Mary Mary Mary .... I saw her recently on Oprah about how happy she was, how much in love, and how healthy she was now that she was no longer addicted and boy you could tell ! The show rocked, she rocked, she looked fabulous, wow she is really in a good place now. She sang beautifully with a lot of power and soul, so different from her last concert here in the Netherlands which was good but not as good as last night. I had a great evening, thanks for asking me Martine !

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My 2 big M&M's and some bits & pieces

Have to say something about my 2 big boys ! Colin is becoming potty trained, he has tiny accidents but they are becoming less frequent ! Since last week there are days that he can stay dry all day and he's so proud (and we are too). Michael went for his swimming lesson today and he came out of the dressing room with candy (which means he did well, they all get it ;-).) SO when Ed said you must have really tried your best today, he was really negative and said it didn't go well at all. Turns out he was unhappy about not being able to swim on his back without his floaty thingies (hihi can't think of the word ), can you imagine, we were amazed that he didn't even have them on, he's only been swimming for 4 months .....So we told him how proud we were, that it was so good that he could do that which made him glow again. Wow some milestones are being made here....

Oh and I am very busy with a lot of things.... Scrapping (still finishing of projects hope to show something soon), a new newsletter, setting up a design team call (very excited about this, I'm very happy with my current design team but I would love some more help and a bigger team so I can maybe take a step back in the team to get a better balance) and I'm going to be at a creative market in Haarlem with a stall next weekend so I have to prepare.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Day of Fun


  • Michael's last day of his june break
  • The Beach
  • His Best friend, as luck would have it, also has a day off school
  • I'ts Summer (24 degrees Celsius)

Results into this :

Buckets of fun !!! Only one small booboo is when Michael injured his toe but all looked ok before he went to bed tonight.

So I've been working on this LO (finally), and have to finish the journaling (if possible tonight), can you guess what it is about ?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long weekend

Had a really nice weekend with lots of fun things, that lasted until today ! Back to work tommorow, but only for 2 days yeah !

Went to a lovely country estate in a nearby village, was really nice. They had some activities for the kiddies and lots of fun stalls for mommies ! Meanwhile at home, Ed was working hard in the garden ....

I bought this cute thing (for 6 euro's can you believe it ?):

and the boys painted 2 little animal statues for Ed:

Went for dinner with friends, can you believe I forgot my camera ... It was fun, my friend booked the lounge couch in Lulu (an oriental restaurant in Rotterdam), food & company was great, the lounge couch hmmm I think we were all a bit too long legged for that (especially for the ones who had worked in the garden that day)...Slept in as the m&m's slept at my mother's. Went swimming with the kids and had a birthday party.

Did some scrapping, still finishing projects which is good I'm on a roll so I'll have something to show soon. Oh and Michael scrapped for the 1st time today, he was so happy as he loves to create. He picked out everything himself (photo's, paper, embellishements while giggling etc) rubbed the rub ons, stamped everything with just a minimum of help from me. I'm so proud and have an album just for him to fill up !

He liked bunching up the embellishements to resemble mickey ears .....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I fell in love

And just had to have them

Aren't they cute ?? Now all I need is a nice tan ....

Made this page for Colin's creche a gift for his creche caretaker (?) Ruth whom he cals Ruud which is a mens name in the Netherlands (LOL).

Did some more scrapping tonight with my friend Irma, worked on "me & my girls" jeans book. Still not finished though so I cannot give a sneak peek....