Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So busy that I'm behind with EVERYTHING

So what's everything you may ask ? Well I'll start today and work my way backwards ....

nr. 1 Totally forgot to take a pic of the card I sent to Mandy that is too late for her b'day today(shame on me ...) ....
Congratulations sweetie, I hope you got spoiled today, you deserve it !!

nr. 2 Totally behind on posting about her b'day due to Colin's last bday celebration today ... Will share lot's of pics this weekend.

nr 3. Behind on telling you what a fun day I had with my friends Flo, Corinne and Jo-Anne yesterday ....

nr. 4 Totally behind on sharing my sketch with you, that went online monday ...... Here was my layout :

nr. 5 Behind on sharing this thought with you: I really should laugh more till mu jaw hurts. Discovered in bed whilst replaying the fun night out with my workcolleagues !....

nr. 6 Behind on sharing the great news my mom is home safe and sound from Canada and she spoiled us rotten, me especially bcause she shopped till she dropped for the following stuff i had on my list : Martha Stewart punches, life savers, chap stick, lanacin spray and loads of prezzies for the boys ! ...

nr. 7 Behind on telling you I've developed an addiction to baking cupcakes ! Here are a few I've made and this coming friday I'm going to a workshop to learn some new techniques.... with marzipan and such.

Now you're all up to speed !!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I do scrapbook

Really I do and here are 2 layouts to prove it :D

First one is for the Dutch Dare, about your fave yummy recipe, check out what the other girls did over here and you really should, total eyecandy in all styles you can imagine !

Most of you probably know what klaasbrokken are, they are a recipe from supermommy Francine shared on her blog and they have been a big hit in our household ever since....

And the second one just for fun, clean and simple about Michael meeting Colin. I really didn't think any journaling was necessary, the pic says it all ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Super Size Me

OMG I am watching the SSM documentary and am becoming sick to my stomach, also quite amazed by his appearant addictive reaction to all the Mc Donalds. Hmmmm I think that I've found an explanation for my potatochips addiction that I seem to have aquired after my little knee accident .... I should just stick to chocolate, a better addiction bcause that at least gives you a happy feeling !

But anyhooo I have decided after today I'm really going to leave them alone during the week and get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon (which for me equals just eating healthier according to their guidelines).

We do eat pretty healthy I think, the boys (and so do I, DH is another story) take fruit and veggies with them to school, we don't eat a lot of gravy with our food and we all get plenty of excercise. But we eat from our local fast food (patatzaak) once a week, I think we shold cut down on that a bit. At least how many snacks we order with our french fries ... And lemonade & juices we try to keep that to a minimum and give water & tea too, but sometimes it creeps in as it's easy to grab so I'll be watching that a bit more.

What do you do to eat & stay healthy ?

Monday, August 11, 2008

I showed off

My techniques on the MLS Blog today, wow it took me a while to think up what to do, but once I had the idea it was a sinch to work out.

So many things on the news today making me sad (the war going on over in Georgie) and the news about Isaac Hayes who died, he truly was a talented soul man ! So here's a little tribute :

Thank goodness there are also happy things in the news, like a silver medal for Holland in Judo !

And my boys having a great first day @ school was also a happy thing today. Here they are with the taking of the obligatory 1st day pics :

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The worst concert of my life

Yep and I've been to quite a few but let me tell you Meatloaf has had his best days. I wish we had read into past reviews so we had not bought any tickets. He was slurred, off beat, catatonic at times and I have to hand it to the band and backup singers for attempting to carry him through the show, which didn't work btw .... They were fab, he s%$#@!d. Such a shame I was so looking forward to this but DH, and I couln't even bear it after Paradise by the dashboard light and Bat out of hell we bailed before the last 3 songs of the concert ..... (Daphne couldn't stand more than 4 songs if I'm not mistaken and went out for drinks ....) It is understandable you cannot singalong with newer songs but usually you can singalong for a bit but in we couldn't even singalong with the songs we knew as the songs were played way slower and because he was constantly off beat it was impossible ... such a shame

I don't think I will ever be able to listen to his cd's without the memory of this fiasco ..... RIP Meat Loaf and Michael Lee Aday you should think about a retirement home even though you're only 60. Or maybe better become roommates with Ozzy ....

Sunday, August 03, 2008

He's 5

Yep our bubbly bouncy boy is 5 today ! You can congratulate him on his blog, he'd love that.