Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's play ball

Yep we're definately a baseball family now...

Not only are DH & Michael totally into it, baseball lingo, rules and comps, Colin has now joined the other peanutball team and I will be helping the coach out on trainings and the competitions, believe me he needs some help as 4 new kids have recently joined besides Colin and a team of 5 year olds are a hand full ....
I just had a double shift at the club ( I have deep fried for the first time in my life and it turned out to be etible ...) so I am done for the rest of the peanutball season, now all there is left is for DH and I to join a team ourselves, but I doubt that's going to happen as we are involved quit enough thank you very much ;)

I haven't posted in a while and neither has Bubbah or the boys but we've been really busy with so much at home we needed a little break. I have been scrapping and I'll share some projects later this week, oh and you can find my most recent project on the MLS designteam blog, with you. I'll leave you with another pic that Bubbah made this weekend of M, he's got a new lens and can't stop playing .......

Friday, April 18, 2008


Have you seen the cool dutch dare this week ? I really wanted to join in but didn't have enough time and as I was rushing to finish it I found my lo going in a different direction and it wasn't about water so I gave up trying to get it done and am enjoying the process of making my project the way I like it. In fases... you see I'm happiest when I have several lo's I'm working on and can just add one thing at a time and see a lo grow on me. How do you like to work ?

BTW I hope we have the transport sorted for sunday, if so you will be seeing me at the 3rd SIS crop this weekend ! I'm so looking forward to it, it was great fun last time and I know a lot of friends of mine are coming and happy to read somewhere that might finally be able to meet Katja who always reads my blog (yay). Are you going ??

I have a small request, just this week whilst going through bloglines I passed a post about fun things to make with buttons. A lampshade, magnets and so on. I wanted to check it out again and for the life of me I cannot remember which blog it was ........ Has anyone seen this post, and can you help me out with the blog ? I would really appreciate it !

Sunday, April 13, 2008

40 year old BABE

Yep my babe turned 40 today ! I surprised him yesterday with a bigger party than we normally have and he was surprised and happy.
He wanted some fun techno prezzies so I asked everyone to give money and the good news he will be able to buy the things he wanted like an usb casette player, a tripod and a lens with some day money left over from last year. So he's happy and I'm happy he had such a great time. I had a lot of help from my mom on friday and saturday to pull it all off, you see we had party lights, lots of decorations, we made homemade food (yep I made my first quiche, pasta salad and potatosalad) that everyone enjoyed (and my stepdad helped out in that dept. too), a dj and lot's of our friends. It was fun !

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I feel good

I knew (eventually) I would now ....

So I'm feeling so much better now that my toothache has gone, my knee is doing better, the sun is out a bit (but until it really comes out I've been going to a tanning salon) ! I've been going to the gym regularly, my mom is helping me out with the business once a week (which is also so much fun bcause we're spending more quality time together) and I'm building in more free time to do fun stuff. Phew I think I have that wintercrisis under control ....

I've been scrapping at least once a week now and this is what I made last week. A lo about the fun stuff I discover in Colin's room regularly; I like it, simple but not so clean as I went a bit overboard on the distressing and tried to repair it with a bit of inkt and now it looks a bit much but I'm ok with that.

Tommorow evening I'm looking forward to a visit from Kirs for a chat and a crop. If anyone wants to come too you're more than welcome to come over too !

Oh and yesterday I went to the movies with my friend Martine to see 27 dresses, we laughed a lot it was really funny and we saw some sneakpeaks of other movies coming out soon we definately want to check out like the babymommy and fools gold. Anyone in the US seen these yet ?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I wanted to share some things with you my friends (pic overload)

About my boys, haven't chatted about them in a while and I'm doubting wether to do this on their blogs or just continue here but for now here's the deal in the life of Michael :

He got his 1st Swimming Certificate after 2 long years of swimming lessons.... (Now 2years might be long and let me tell you it was, he switched teachers after 1 year and that was not a good idea, she wasn't the right combination of strikt and fun, she was way too sweet and a softie). So this saturday he's starting @ a new swimschool for his next certificate. Here are some pics of the final moment and his prezzies afterwards (wel after we had dinner @ his favorite restaurant Burger King LOL) some books from Geronimo Stilton which included Fantasia, Fantasia II and the smaller series. He was stoked as he loves reading !

There was a soccermatch between schools and although they took the 2 best players in his grade and moved them in the team of a higher grade, they lost all games they had so a lot of fun ! Here's a recap

now here's the deal in the life of Colin :

He's started judo classes and he's having a ball, I'll share some pics soon ! It's really a perfect sport for him as he's quite the touchy, feely, holding everyone kinda type but also because he's quite a restless boy who has trouble focussing his attention especially when he needs to listen....

His favorite thing to do over easter was play a game called toktoktick (sorry don't know how to translate it but it's basically a crashing of eggs and the one who's egg breaks after one time loses) with boiled eggs.

He likes to position his fave cuddly toys in a row around him, this time he made a row over his belly ;)
And I'm making a lo very soon with this photo

Something Colin calls Rocky Rock but he really means Rock & Roll (yep DH is trying to teach him the signs for their first rockconcert)

We had fun in the snow over easter

And the boys made us dinner, they picked the recipes and helped prepare it. It was so much fun we will be doing this more often !

Oh and here's something from my life. I'm sure we all feel this way, we don't like a lot of our old lo's but it's the road we travel to "get" a certain style so we leave them bcause if we should want to redo all our old lo's we would never get any scrapping done. But sometimes it's just so wrong in so many ways (i have about 3 of those) and this is one of them :

And now (thanks to a pencillines sketch) it looks like this :

ps. did you see the cool dutch dare that went online yesterday ? Unfortunately I didn't have the time to participate in the last few but I hope to get into the swing of it soon !