Saturday, March 31, 2007

So Excited

About Corinne's morning workshop @ MLS on April 7th:

About Corinne's afternoon workshop @ MLS on April 7th:

If you haven't registered yet, we have a few more spots left for the morning or the afternoon workshop. Book both and we'll treat you to a nice lunch !

And this starting tommorow:

And if I feel better tommorow I will be doing this :

Friday, March 30, 2007


Went to the Rumshop sessions from Intwine yesterday. Wow I just love that guys voice ! The show was great and I definately recommend you listen to the accoustic cd if you don't like the rougher music !

I especially liked these lyrics :

Somewhere near these dirty roads
Lies a path that leads me there
Where it goes, hell if I know
Lets just go no time to spare

Feel free
To do whatever you please
Feel free
To do whatever

This is the place where I feel free
(I feel free to make a choice )
This is where I filter out
(what disturbs my inner voice)
When your options become clear
Don’t hold back
Fear is what you need to use
Be yourself in what you choose

Feel free
To do whatever you please
Feel free
To do whatever you please!!!!

Hey, alright
Lòs e pa mi!

Losing your mind
‘Cause ........ is a hard thing to find
The only thing that you couldn’t leave behind
Who do you really-eally wanna impress?
You’re so concerned, so concerned 'bout the rest
I never let nobody tell me what to do

Feel free
To do whatever you please
Feel free
To do whatever…

(photo courtesy of the fansite)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fancypants Heaven

CLEAR STAMPS, CHIPBPOARD and CREATIVE CARDS are here in my living room EVERYWHERE .... :D oh and even more american crafts thickers ....

make over good idea or not ?

I promised last week to tell you a little secret and I hadn't gotten around to sharing yet. So here goes.

Two of my friends (and 2 of their friends) had autitioned for a new dutch programme with Dyan Beekman for a makeover and they had a blast.

I was so surprised when I was called up 2 weeks ago by the producers to help out (sort of shocked too as I thought they were pulling my leg) and find out the days they worked, give personal info etc. I agreed to help out but mind you I couldn't tell anyone and the husbands didn't even know yet..... They would surprise the ladies the next week (last tuesday) and I had to make a date with one of the girls as she was a SAHM and otherwise it would be hard to make sure she was indeed at home. So there I was when they came in and filmed .....but I'm sure that fromt the about 3 hours they filmed you won't see me LOL.

The presentation of the make over was last week on wednesday and they had asked if they could ask me some things and I agreed hoping they would forget about little old me, even though I hid behind one of the husbands they didn't forget :S and although the ladies were very beautifuly made over it just wasn't them. I could find one thing for each of them that I liked but the make over was not what I expected at all, I won't get into too much details.

Haven't spoken to them all yet, but I am curious (will see them next week at a birthday party) to see how they liked it and if they changed back.... I won't share all the stories but I know from one that she was pretty unhappy .....
*** edited; show will be aired on April 15th on I believe NET5.

I go for the NOT ......

ps. Colin is doing very well, no more sore bump !

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

too many things in one day

You know how looking back on a day you think, this was just too much goings on for one day ? Well that's what I had yesterday.

I went to 2 wholesalers to pick up the last ribbons, gel medium and some fab new pens & crayons for Corinne's workshops (we have only a few seats left for the workshops so if you haven't registered yet you still can !)

After that off to see Corinne to make preperations for the workshop, I brought Colin along and he and Jadenn had a blast playing inside and outside !

Then back to Hoofddorp to pick up Michael who was playing with a friend, but I arrived too early (DH was so sweet to change the time on my mobile but forgot to tell me so I kept adding an hour all day due to summertime changes, can't be upset as it was so sweet of him to do this for me). Since I had an hour left I stayed for some tea and the boys played until .....

Colin fell of the swing and was hurt .... The boys said he fell on his back so the father of the house carried him in and gave him to me and that's when I discovered an enormous bump on his head. So ice pack and some TLC was in order, but after a while even candy could not cheer him up and he fell asleep .... Now appearantly this is normal due to the adrenaline levels but he had a hard time when I tried waking him up so we headed for the emergency post at the hospital and he fell asleep again in the car .... In the waiting area he was still very drowzy for about 30 minutes and then they did the first assesment and he "woke up". We had to wait again and he was so lively we were wondering what we were doing there but it's beter to have a bump like that looked at.
Eventually he had some tests and then the pediatrician looked him over and said he was too lively to keep in the hospital but because of the size of the bump (2 cm diameter) we had to wake him up about every hour during the night. I was thankfull they hadn't seen him 30 min. earlier or they would have kept him there.

After all this I hadn't done my shopping so we did it anyway and got home fairly late, actually same time as dh who had the evening shift at work so we were able to eat together, needless to say the boys didn't go to bed @ their usual time.

Got lot's of orders ready for shipment done (with the 1st and new for the dt product challenge kit for april) and went to bed early as it was going to be a rough night which I survived but I'm a bit of a zombie today.

So as I said some days there is just too much going on in one day .....

Monday, March 26, 2007


Kilometers that is .... That's what I'm up to until now, and although I was a bit off and didn't run last week it went pretty well yesterday. Coming sunday I will be running the Nike Ladies Run which I haven't in 6 years and I'm happy to say i will make it as those last 2 km will be run on willpower & adrenaline !

Had so much fun this weekend, some shopping with the boys, lot's of scrapping on an altered project which I will show later, learned to crochet (and hope I will remember how to make those cute flowers when I try it all by myself) and a fun get together with our portugal gang ! How was your weekend ?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daring Wednesday

Yes ladies and gents (are there any here ?),

It was time for another Dutch Dare and it wasn't an easy one this time phew...
I managed to finish around 0.00 and I'm actually quite happy, might add some more doodling to mine but didn't have time.

The challenge was "proud to be ..." and to use 3 techniques (I managed to sew, emboss and doodle) and 3 different brands of paper (I used Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl, Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter and Bazzill Kraft and Honeydew one of my favorite colors btw) in the project. I actually used 6 papers as the 5" inch bloomer is also made of paper and aren't those lovely chipboard flowers just a lot of paper pressed together ;).

Here's my sneakpeak :

Check out the rest here ! Hope we've inspired you and you'll play along !

Sunday, March 18, 2007

one week

One week has gone by and I did get a lot from my list done, unfortunately not everything. I even added a thing, like switching to the new blogger, did you see ?

MLS news :

Have to start my Dutch Dare project for wednesday, I finally have an idea so I can get cracking tonight.

I have uploaded so many great products into the shop and have loads more to go. Next week I will continue as the boxes are not empty yet ;)

With all these new products I will have to add a lot more products to the sales section cause it just won't fit .... In the next few weeks I will also be going through my own supplies/tools and start clearing out and putting some things for sale and making some RAKS and so on, you wouldn't believe (well those that have been here do) what I've acummulated over the last few years.
1st thing for sale :
My cricut (I ordered the QK Silhouette to play with) and it's going cheap ladies ! I have only used one mat so not used so much yet (I will supply a new one), 2 cartridges (xmas and doodle alfa) and a toolkit to be purchased for wholesale incl. btw (items can each be sold seperately). So if you are interested email me !
I also still have a Sizzix machine from a cancelled order for only 70 euro's so if anyone is interested ?

What I can share, and oh and I'm delighted to say.... Jo-Anne will be joining the MLS team as of April 1st ! So be on the lookout for her on the MLS site and the dutch dares blog.

About me:

Running is going ok, I've been going about 2x a week, not too bad it's a good start !

Plan to get some spring feeling going this week, got all the felt decoration Xenos had to offer to I can really go all out ;)

Some other things happened last week (which I can't share yet) which made my life even more busier but is soooo funny, will share more next week about this.

I will leave you with this cute card Daphne sent me and yesterday she brought me a whole boxfull of this lovely tea (and let me tell you the teabags are so cute I hated opening it .....) from Mr. Jones. Thanks Daphne, you know what makes me happy ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


on posting on my blog
on my tax admin
on putting all the cool things that have arrived in the shop (like huge supercool flowers, huge MDF letters, memo clipboards, superduper chipboard happy flowers, cool things from 7 gypsies and the list goes on).
on showing a cute card I received from Daphne
on reading everyone's blog
on sending off the Dutch Dare Rak to Marguerita (will do this tommorow)
on sending Anita some cool stuff
on cleaning up the living room (which is looking like a warehouse far too long)
on preparing my workshops and putting them online
on making the next Dutch Dare
on my Emily's deck of me challenge
on posting the cool new projects of the team for March
on so much more .....

I was behing on putting the cool mdf ornaments in the shop but I managed to take care of that this weekend.
I was behind on things I had to share with the MLS team.
I was behind on anouncing Corinne Delis's workhops but they are now listed on the MLS site, mailed & posted to all kinds of places.

Let's hope I catch up in the coming week .....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dutch Dare's are up

And we've been very patriotic LOL. Go check them out, and play along !

BTW I've been trying to run again ... the weather and flu/colds etc. have been keeping me from going regularly but I'm hoping to get into the swing of things, now if only it was dry this afternoon I could go again !

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wacky Workshop Weekend

I had sooo much fun @ the Wacky Workshop Weekend hosted by de Creatie. I took almost all of Celine Navarro's workshops (and boy do I wish I had taken them all) she's very inspirational and creates with such ease ! I have a bunch more unfinished but cool projects, cropped with a wonderfull bunch of women (even got 3 of my DOM cards done, 2 lo's and my DD is almost done too .. wow), met people I only know the names of and not the faces or recognized the faces but not the names and met some cool new scrappers (Astrid you should really always wear your sunglasses LOL, Linda Loe & Patricia Hamelink maybe we should wear nametags ;) and Martijntje you really need to get a blog, it really is simple I promise (if I can do it anyone can !). Met up with Nicole, Daphne, Liek and Moniqe, Elwira, Bonnette, Flo, Birgit, Corinne (so great to have some time to chat & scrap together) and I missed the ones who couldn't make it (Anita, Rev, Jo see you soon I hope !). Oh and Mandy and I had a wonderfull adventure @ our Bed & Breakfast address. Let's just say the people were really nice, the place just looked & smelled funky, lot's of okld and dead things around the house, and the only thing good were the friendly owners, the price, the breakfast and the clean bedlinnen ......Mandy thanks for sharing this adventure with me, it was fun !

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to

my dear friend Wendy !!

Sweetie a birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip!

(sorry for the blurry pics, I shouldn't try to take them @ 0.00 ......)
Now I was totally confused as to when I should congratulate Wendy as she was born on February 29th .... damn those leapyears confusing me LOL. So I thought I'd do it on March 1st since febr 28 was too early but Wendy had a good theory, her b'day is always on the last day of februari, hmmm sounds good to me.

Sweetie when shall we eat some cake ? Then I can give you this card and all the scrapgoodies that have been waiting here to be used ;) and I want take your picture as I discovered I don't have any of you .... :(