Saturday, April 28, 2007

cutey croc's

Don't these look cute ? Can't imagine why DH doesn't want a pair ... The boys are loving their crocs and for the first time in about 5 years Michael's feet smell normal after a day of play ... WOW these shoes are the bomb !

Have you bought your summer things yet ? I have bought some cute t-shirts but other than these gold Mary Jane croc's for the summer I cannot seem to find a normal pair of black sandals (and by normal I mean without a high heel .....)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


MLS team lunch was fun (strawberries on sugarbread is delicious !!) and at the end of the day (had to go on in the evening though) I had 1 project finished and another one just waiting for the right Thickers to come in. Unfortunately not every one could make it but here's a pic of the girls

And my project, a photoframe before & after & the inspiration page(I have one more frame and I will make a variation on this for colin);

Monday, April 23, 2007


I have a box full of yummy vanilla scented somethings over here ! Wanna know what it is ?

check over here !

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Make-over Show second episode

So I promised to give you all a heads up (again) on the make-over show, it's TONIGHT ! ***Edited - I was on @ the beginning, my 1 minute of fame was giving Dyan a hand ;) ***

On Net5 @ 19.30, Passion for Fashion don't forget to watch it. I will be taping it as I do not want to miss the probably 5 secs I might be in view somewhere LOL.

Have a great day we will with our MLS Team Lunch, I've got muffins, fresh orange juice, strawberries and freshly baked buns !

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yes I am weird but there's always someone weirder ....

I was tagged by Birgit to bear all and tell you 10 weird things about myself, now I've done this before and since I am really not any weirder than I thought up last time I cutpastadded here and there and ended up with this ....

1. I am the CREAMQUEEN ! ok I admit to those who do not know me that well (wel Nicole knows now too after spending a night LOL) I have a thing for (wonder)creams. I have all different kinds, for all sorts of rashes, problems, itches, scrapes, burns you name it I will have a lovely little cream for it (and with me ....). And I have quite the ritual before bedtime ....

2. I can't stand bare toenails and think my feet look weird without nailpolish on them and therefore have been putting nailpolish on them since uhm forever.... 365 days a year. I usually have red on them but since a couple of years I'm into french manicure on them too. I also don't like it when other people have bare toes but I can resist putting polish on other peoples toes (except on my mom's .... )

3. while we're on the subject of feet, I do not like to have barefeet in my shoes with the exception of sandals. Now you could say it's the same but no, I CANNOT have barefeet in my shoes and wear granny footies in my shoes. I'm trying to better myself as I bought some crocs and you do not wear footies in them ....

4. Talking to me can be a bit confusing at times, as I hop from one subject to another while other people are still on the previous subject. Things go quicker in my head and can be hard to keep up with.....

5. I have 6 laundry baskets and still think that's not enough, I like to have all my laundry sorted by color. But dh won't let me buy anymore .....

6. I have a thing for tall, well built men but my men have always been shorter or just as tall as me but well built ;-) ....

7. I'm an organizational freak, I looooooove compartment boxes, little boxes, tags, file folders etc. Especially if they're in pretty colors :-)

8. How long do you think a teabag will last me ? Well more than 1 cup of tea that's for sure. Tea is my drink of choice (herbal that is) and I drink it quite light so one teabag goes a long way for me, 2 pots of tea easy ! Just check out Dutch Dare nr. 1 LOL.

9. I hate a messy disorganised home (see # 7) so the current state of my home is totally freaking me out 24/7 .... (Hopefully this will be sorted during the summer vacation which I have off since I work @ a school).

10. I hate movies with an open ending as this doesn't give me closure, so don't show me one before bedtime or I cannot sleep. The ending can be good or bad (guess which one I prefer ...) but there has to be an ending, obviously I do not like movies intended to have sequels ....

11. I share Birgit's habit of talking to myself, it is weird when we sit next to each other cropping hihi

Now if you know me really well you probably know even more weird things about me, care to elaborate ???

My turn to tag some people I choose most of my team that haven't been tagged by me before about weird things and hope to find out some more of them, so that's Charlotte, Daphne, Francine, Jo-Anne, Mandy, Mirjam, Monique, Nicole, Wendy and our guest star for may and june Monique ! Can't wait to read all about your weirdness ladies ! Oh and as a little extra, for some more fun I tag Bubbah too !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tough Cookie

This new dutch dare wasn't an easy one so I decided to keep it simple to get the focus on the photo and the journaling. Here's a peak :

Wanna see more and be wowed by the MLS team then you know where you need to be ! Join in to win a RAK !

Monday, April 16, 2007

Updates everywhere

So for a recap what we did over the weekend, (not just partying but bad luck times 3) check this out (no sense in writing the same thing twice ;) ...)

And other than that, I have just been updating & uploading fun new stuff into the shop like crazy.... Would you like to know what ??? OK I don't care if you want to know or not it was a lot of work so I'm telling you anyway, just some shameless promotion;

Uni Posca Pennen, Daisy D's Modern Romance, Beacon Hill, Rouge De Garance Jardin Secret, Daphnis & Cloe, Tinkering Ink Perfectly Posh, MME Magnolia

And I went to the wholesalers today and bought some more yummy stuff ! I'll give you a couple of hints, I love scalloped, altering clocks is more fun with these, supercute felt albums 10x10 (and A4) the small ones would make an aweseome motherday gift and there are just some XL ghost shapes you cannot resist like wings & butterflies ...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Make-over Show

So I promised to give you all a heads up on the make-over show, it's TONIGHT ! *** EDITED => OOPS sorry heard this afternoon it is next sunday .... Hope you didn't get too bored with this episode ....****

On Net5 @ 19.30, Passion for Fashion don't forget to watch it. I will be taping it as I do not want to miss the probably 5 secs I might be in view somewhere LOL.

Have a great day, we'll be celebrating Bubbah's (DH) party today ! Have a great day as this is probably THE sunniest day this week !

Friday, April 13, 2007

Birthday babe

It's Bubbah's (DH) birthday today, can you guess his age ? Plse leave him a message on his blog, he looooooooooves a good comment !

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Need I say more ?

I'll leave you with this cute project I made for my MIL's birthday. Chipboard Happy flowers, crate paper, BG rubons & old 3d keycabinet =

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wat a saturday !

Wow our first big workshopday @ Memory Lane Scrapbooking, it was so exciting, stressful and fun (yes it can be all of this together ;) ! ) to organise and execute.

I learned so much about planning, how to set up a big workshop and about how valuable help from friends is !

Big shout out to Bubbah, Martine, Nicole, Monique and Mandy for helping me out before, during and after the workshop. Couldn't have done it without you all, you rock !

With thanks to Ilona's blog I have some pics to show, hope to have some more soon (if you made any please email them to me as I just didn't have time to take any ....);

Hope everyone had a blast, it was great meeting you all (again) !

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Results are in

Nike Hilversum City Run 2007

  • Startnummer 8251
  • Naam Danielle Slingerland
  • Woonplaats Hoofddorp
  • Onderdeel Nike Ladies Run
  • Netto tijd 39:04
  • Bruto tijd 40:54
  • Snelheid 7,679 km/uur
  • Afstand 5 km
  • Plaats 800e van 888 deelnemers

And this is what a tough and determined girl looks like :

And yes this is the right order .... you might notice that I am experiencing some difficulties. Well you know the hills and the heat did not make it easy but I got my rythm after 3 km (which has been the max km that I have run so far ...) and the last 2 went really well as you can tell by the smile on my face. I was very proud !

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dutch Dare

So have you seen the new dutch dare for this week ? The guest designer is Corinne and the girls made fab lo's from this dare so check it out.

Due to all the organisation for the workshops Corinne is giving this weekend @ MLS I had to pass on this one, but I will definitely make it as I have a great idea for it !

ps. I promise to give an update on the run but I wanted to add a fun photo and am waiting on this ....