Wednesday, August 30, 2006

weird me ? aaah c'mon I'm not that weird am I ??

I was tagged by Francine, MJ and Terese to bear all and tell you 5 weird things about myself .... hmmm 3 people now that should say something ...

1. I am the CREAMQUEEN ! ok I admit to those who do not know me that well (yet) I have a thing for wondercreams. I have all different kinds, for all sorts of rashes, problems, itches, scrapes, burns you name it I will have a lovely little cream for it (and with me ....).

2. I can't stand bare toenails and think my feet look weird without nailpolish on them and therefore have been putting nailpolish on them since uhm forever.... 365 days a year. I usually have red on them but since a couple of years I'm into french manicure on them too.

3. while we're on the subject of feet, I do not like to have barefeet in my shoes with the exception of sandals. Now you could say it's the same but no, I CANNOT have barefeet in my shoes and wear granny footies in my summer shoes.

4. Talking to me can be a bit confusing at times, as I hop from one subject to another while other people are still on the previous subject. Things go quicker in my head and can be hard to keep up with.....

5. I have 5 laundry baskets and still think that's not enough, I like to have all my laundry sorted by color. But dh won't let me buy 2 more .....

And while thinking about my weirdness I found out I have even more weird things about me than just this and since I was tagged so much I decided to give up some more LOL....

6. I have a thing for tall, well built men but my men have always been shorter or just as tall as me but well built ;-) ....

7. I'm an organizational freak, I looooooove compartment boxes, little boxes, tags, file folders etc. Especially if they're in pretty colors :-)

8. How long do you think a teabag will last me ? Well more than 1 cup of tea that's for sure. Tea is my drink of choice (herbal that is) and I drink it quite light so one teabag goes a long way for me, 2 pots of tea easy !

9. I hate a messy disorganised home (see # 7) so the current state of my home is totally freaking me out 24/7 .... (Hopefully this will be sorted in a couple of months as I will have some more time on my hands to deal with this !)

10. I hate movies with an open ending as this doesn't give me closure, so don't show me one before bedtime or I cannot sleep. The ending can be good or bad (guess which one I prefer ...) but there has to be an ending, obviously I do not like movies intended to have sequels ....

That enough for ya ? Now if you know me really well you probably know even more weird things about me, care to elaborate ???

My turn to tag some people I choose Angelique, Cara, Marinka, Nat and Anita (now Angelique I know pretty well so I'm curious if she has any weird things I didn't know already and C, M, N & A I would like to get to know better so that's why I tagged them.) can't wait to read all about your weirdness ladies !

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Beach

After Michael's skiing lesson on saturday we spontaniously decided to go the beach in IJmuiden, hey it was dry so we thought we'd give it a try. And you know what it was lovely ! The temp was great, no wind, the water was warm and the beach practically empty. The M&M's had a wonderfull time, we found lots of pretty seashells, got really wet (luckily I managed to get some of the clothes off before everything got wet) and chilled at the Brasserie Zilt on the Fat Boys .... they went home in their underware LOL. Here's just a few of the 131 super photo's we have :

BTW I've been tagged 3 times (!) to give up 5 weird things about myself. I didn't think I was weird but appearantly 3 scrapblogfriends think I am or I wouldn't be tagged this much LOL. I'm working on it ladies !

Sunday, August 27, 2006

the reveal

I've been working at this one for quite a while .... I had to do a challenge using as many techniques as I could in a lo ( I gave a sneak peak a few days ago). Not easy since I'm not a freestyle kinda gal ...but I've managed to get a few in there.
Embossing, Stamping, doodling, handwritten titel (didn't trace this time really freehanded it ) & stitching. I colored in the doodles with ink as I couldn't find the right color lilac in my stash.

Photo was made on my wedding day of my brother (14 at the time) and me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's a holi-holiday-ay

Contrary to what the dutch weatherperson thinks, our summer holiday has started this week and to make the most of it we go out when it's dry ... to the movies (over the hedge) and to fairy tale land. So the M&M's are having fun.... I had a fun visit to the dentist that will be continued in 2 weeks when they have my new back tooth ready for me. Ed played photographer, so I'm actually in a few of the holiday pic's

Btw my DH has entered the wonderfull world of bloggers, check it out :

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes I still Scrapbook !

For the ones who were wondering yes I still scrapbook, and I'm actually finally finishing some projects.
This lo is for my dt challenge, make an interview lo, and since I not only tagged my friends but also my "little bro" I had a great subject. I prefer the left page but hey I cannot put 56 Q&A on one page.... I even had to leave some of but I picked out the ones I liked most.

And here's a sneak preview to another page that I'm working on that involves my brother and a technique challenge, can you spot 5 of them ?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A day of goodbyes

Last thursday was my last day @ Avenance and the beginning of my 2 week holiday. I've worked there for a little over a year and was sad and happy to go. Bit mixed really, happy because my holiday started, I will nog longer have to race up and down from hoofddorp to lijnden and sad because I had a bunch of fun colleagues there. I was spoiled with flowers, chocolate, a watch and perfume and lot's of good wishes !

Friday, August 18, 2006

Familiar ??

So for the scrapbookers who lurk here, does this look/sound familiar to you ?

The secret world of scrapbooking

I found this on Nienke's blog and thought it was sooooooooo funny !

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Look what my mommy gave me !

She was cleaning up her house and found them (my stepdad used to work for a printerscompany a long time ago) aren't they great ? And they will look so great in my scrapstudio when it's finished .....


Monday, August 14, 2006

A weekend for the boys

Michael had his 1st skilesson (advanced this year) saturday and he had lots of fun, didn't forget too much since our ski trip in february. A small class only 3 boys so they got plenty of attention, he even learnt how to ski backwards, we were very impressed.

Sundaymorning we went swimming and tested out the new swimming goggles, Michael had lots of fun with them and wouldn't take them of (we could tell this evening as the imprint/redness is still there) Colin didn't want to wear them as he thought they were too tight, I guess that may have been the problem with Michael too ... oops.
Since we had some really nice weather we could finally play outside (it's been raining all week and will again next week) and use the new bubble tools. We made some great photo's, and some photo's Ed made are great as usual. I've been convincing him to take a photography course, he takes some cool photo's (and besides that he always thinks about taking some scrapbook photo's for me the sweetie).

Unfortunately the day ended slightly different than we had planned, a spontanious BBQ became just dining out since we didn't have our bbq ... but it was great nonetheless but then Colin was not feeling wel and all of a sudden had a fever. now that I think back for 2 days he hasn't been eating that well, complaining about a tummy already being too full, but I thought he was exaggerating since he never complained whilst eating fruit or cookies only with lunch & dinner. Bad mommy !!! So how was your weekend ?

Friday, August 11, 2006

lot's of bad news this week

Unfortunately I've been hearing lots of bad news around me ...
So not going on to the next round of the effer dares is no biggie at all !
To my friend N, Elwira & Anita my thoughts are with you and I wish you all strenght to deal with that wich lies ahead of you. Know that your family and friends will help you through this rough patch and if we could we would take this burden from you !

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1st entry last scrapper standing

I present to you my first entry for the 1st Last Scrapper Standing Effer's. The challenge was to the journal on the photo and nothing but the photo...I had the perfect photo which I was going to use for another challenge " scrap an imperfect photo" so I just combined the 2 ! Journaling reads : I love this photo of us made on our last evening together in Spain, even though it's out of focus. So Special to me because it's one of the few we have with the two of us from that holiday. The summer that 2 soulmates met each other. So I cherish it like I cherish the memories of how we met in Benidorm, Spain, July 3rd 1989. ** I wanted to upload a detail photo but blogger won't let me, I'll try again later or look here **

Let's hope they like it .....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Days of our Lives

I went to the Scrap-a-Ganza in may and took quite a bit of workshops. Never quite got around to finishing everything though ... But since my resolution is to finish things I finally did this weekend! This lo was from a workshop called Days of our Lives, I arrived way to late at the workshop ... but managed to do everything as instructed, but looking at it at home I was't happy. So I removed some things, added a little and changed some of the pp around and it ended up like this...

A perfect family ...yeah right ...LOL

Oh and remember my so loved LO, something was missing, I found it and added it. Much happier now. Spot the difference ?

Sunday, August 06, 2006


We have a yearpass for the Rotterdam Zoo "Blijdorp" and so does my friend Angelique and het family. So instead of celebrating her birthday at her home she invited us to come along and treated us to coffee there. Lots of fun, check out the pic's (not too many taken of the animals, but since this is our second yearpass I can honestly say we've photographed them all ...):

So these were the photo's that screamed SCRAPBOOK ME to me ....
Thanks for the fun day guys !

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Angelique !

My bestest and oldest friend Angelique is celebrating her birthday today.
I was up late making her card so I couldn't post it to her.
But I sent it via email and she will be getting it tommorow when we
meet at the zoo for a fun day.
Hope you have a great day sweetie !

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mini Album "Moments of you"

Finally finished another project. I started this project about a month ago, but had so many things going on I wasn't able to finish it until now. My new resolution is to finish all projects I have before I start a new one with the exceptions (yes there are always exceptions ...) are my dt challenges and the August Effer dares.
So about my project (really happy with this mini album that the lovely Corinne thought up, thanks again for the invite !) is a little book "Moments of you" about Colin. Not happy with the front cover so I'm changing that a bit tommorow, this is it :

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Colin is happy to finally be 3 !

Today my little M&M is officially 3 years old ! Boy time has sure has gone by fast because this really big baby (well over 9,5 pounds) is now this really big boy that doesn't need diapers, pacifiers (ok he only naps at the creche and then he uses one), bibs, no drip sippy cups (well most of the time) and can eat by himself ...

Celebrating his birthday at the creche, he's got some yummie things to eat and a little gift with a cookie for all his new and old friends since he's going to the last group the "peuters" (toddlers) which he refers to as "the big kids" (and hey he sure fits that profile, he is BIG). Hope they take some good pics !