Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new Layout

Did you know that not only little girls like nailpolish ? I made this LO for the latest sketch on the MLS blog. Check out what the rest of the girls made here and we'd love for you to join in, use our sketch and share it with us !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Amazing when you can eat everything you never bother to read the food labels isn't it ?

Now I know that when the boys had their milkallergy I only had to mind a few things as a docter was able to help them with their allergies and all was good so that was easy. Then there's my friend Mandy has a little boy that is allergic to a lot of stuff and she has to read every single label like a detective. I know from her how hard it is to find things or recipe's for him that he is able to eat.

But now I have to watch out & read every label for food I come across and boy it takes a lot of work, shopping takes twice, no thrice (LOL) as much time as it does normally.

Let me tell you a little story, you see I'm someone that has had a bad resilience with her health for the last 20 years, always catching the flu or other stuff that germs seem determined to give me, but before that was never ill, i mean almost never as I've had like one typical childhood ilness. And this year I've decided (for a lot of things in my life but this is step 1 since i couldn't get it right last year) that enough is enough, I want to survive Fall and winter on my terms and not those of the germs.
So a war has been launched and with the help of a special docter, a very good docter, same one as my boys have seen and various people I have recommended him to or I meet quite by accident that know about him; Dr. Soema.

Dr. Soema figured out quite a bit about my energy levels, intestins and liver that were not good, stuff living there, thriving of food that not only I love. So i'm on a very strict diet for 30 days, lot's of natural herbs to make the intestins and liver stronger and cleaner and antibiotics.

So I'm off sugar, milk, cheese, cacoa, yeast, glucosepaste, tomato's, pig, veal and cows meat, pepper, goatsmilk or cheese, mushrooms and let me tell you once you start looking out for these ingredients it's everywhere ... yes also in cupcakes :( so I ordered myself the babycakes vegan cookbook so I can make some nice cupcakes as dessert for a dinnerdate at the end of this month. And try thinking up a nice dinner besides the standerd meat, potatoes & veggies ? Only thing I can come up with is a healthy version of nasi goreng and fajitas (but no sour creme or tomato saus to go with it but a cheesy soy spread) with corn chips. If anyone has any recipes plse let me know, I'm craving changes in the menu !!

An upside, well the first week I didn't think there was one because i was in detox (kicking a sugar habit is not the easiest) but there is one is I'm loosing weight, finally 2 years after the knee-accident I'm losing weight. 2 down, at least 5 to go ..... And I should have buckets of energy at the end of this, this is what keeps me going, more energy, less feeling blah, less catching the flu and overall a better healthier me !

Something to consider, cutting out certain products I "though" were healthy from my lifestyle after the 30 days.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tom Jones Rocks

Boy does he ever for his age ! Went to see him on the 6th with my mother and we had a blast ! Here's 2 video's I made with my new camera

This song always makes me think of Carlton Banks from "The fresh prince of bel air" (know what I mean ;) LOL)

cool song too

Oh and yesterday I was invited to the musical Mamma Mia by my friend Corinne and although I couldn't enjoy the complimentary lunch buffet it was a great afternoon, good company & the musical was fun now I really want to see the movie ! Thanks Babe !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DD # 59 - herfstig

This dutch dare was to make something that had fall written all over it... I think this qualifies

We are growing

Check out what the other DT girls made here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

a new camera part II

Not only did dh get a new camera, but I got this for my birthday a samsung wb500.

It takes great pictures which is not hard with a 10 x optical zoom, dual image stabilization, photo style selector (which I have yet to explore), 10,2 megapixel, face detection, high sensitive iso 3200, beauty shot, self portait angle guide smart album, recycle bin and 24 mm ultra wide lens.

It high definition filming is pretty good too !

So I'm happy....

Friday, October 09, 2009

I love my goofy brother

Just having fun while waiting for my bday dinner trying to get a good pic of mommy & my goofy brother ...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A sisters Hope

This post and RAK is connected to the Dutch event "A Sisters Hope-60 KM walk". Due to this, only Dutch people will be able to enter for a chance to win the RAK below, sorry to international readers!

Hallo allemaal! Oktober staat zoals elk jaar in het teken van aandacht voor borstkanker een doel die ik erg belangrijk vind. Een lieve scrapvriendin, Monique Helfrich zet zich met hart en ziel in om donaties te werven ten behoeve van A Sisters Hope. Vorig jaar heb ik zo'n 90 pink ribbon cupcakes gebakken en versierd om haar hierbij te steunen maar dit jaar had ze deze zelf gebakken ... En niet alleen ik wilde haar steunen maar ook het dt leek het leuk om iets te doen om nog wat geld voor haar in te zamelen en dus hebben we het volgende bedacht.

Alle vier hebben we een RAK samengesteld. Als je kans wilt maken op één van die prijzen en tegelijkertijd een fantastisch doel wilt steunen, ga dan naar de MLS blog om te lezen hoe. Hieronder zie je de RAK die ik heb samengesteld voor, ook al lijkt het ver weg, de kerst. Leuke chipboardfiguren van Making Memories, rikrak lint en mooi nostalgisch kerstpapier van daisy d. Stiekum ga ik daar nog wat kleine embellishments aan toe voegen maar die houd ik nog even een verrassing.

Aankomend weekend loopt Monique samen met vele anderen de tweedaagse wandeling van 60 kilometer. Ik wens haar heel veel succes! Wie weet steun je Monique al, maar als je graag een steentje wilt bijdragen aan een prachtig doel èn zo tegelijkertijd kans wilt maken op één van de vier prijzen (zie de andere 3 op de MLS blog), lees dan hier hoe!

Monique, je bent echt geweldig en suc6 met de 60 km !

Monday, October 05, 2009

doesn't this song make u wanna dance ?

Love it, one of my fave's right now