Friday, August 17, 2007

some pics

During the holiday the boys and I have been visiting some friends since we have nothing better to do LOL. Last week I went to see Liek and spent some time in the park by her house and this week we went to see Francine. I only took pics over at the park with Liek as Francine and I were chatting away, we forgot .... (although Michael did take some pics you can check them out here)

And we had a house full of boys this weekend as my friend Martine was moving house, her sons came for a sleepover and had a blast !

Oh and I've been taking more pictures of myself to train myself to get more comfortable and here are some of my favorites;

Which is your favorite ? I had some without sunglasses but somehow they have disappeared :(


rev said...

beautiful pics! LOVE that one on the right, second row! beautiful all of them!!

Ingrid said...

Wonderful pics. I like the same one as Revlie, but I also like the one on the left of the 2nd row. And you didn't let the ones without sunglasses disappear on purpose, did you? :-))

Enjoy your (scrap)weekend!

Nili said...

I love them all. very pro.

Mandy said...

Good on ya for getting more comfy in fornt of the cam, i should try this exercize too one day soon... Love the first pic on the left in the second row!

eef said...

Love your pictures and your sunglasses!!! They are super cool!