Tuesday, August 14, 2007

THE Scrapstudio

(sorry can't seem to get everything outlined the way I want ...)
Well we worked very hard friday to get 2 cupboards out, 1 in and then moving all the scrapstuff from the cupboards (my mom and auntie came over for some extra muscle power).
Yesterday I got all the shelves sorted in heights that work and got most things where I wanted, still have to sort a few things out.
But I'm getting there and since I promised here are some pic's of the current state. I hope to get an idea for a little corner that is bare and as I do need some more shelving or bags or maybe one of those old fashion hanging fruit baskets (it's 1.40 high and 38 cm wide so if you have idea's ....).

My Shop :

Still need to tidy up the sale dept.:

Details :

My storage unit on wheels for workshops (unfortunately it doesn't fit under the cupboard ....):

My corner (notice the bare area that needs to be utilized on the right):

These jars make me happy !

My books:

My unfinished projects and my own (small) papercollection:

Need one more shelve so this looks better :

My Desk:

Above my desk (these buckets and stampholder will be hung under the window):

Under my desk (needs to be sorted ):


Anonymous said...

oooh maar dat ziet er al STUKKEN BETER UIT!!!


Mirjam said...

looks great... makes me greedy ;-))

Mandy said...

Woohoo, wanna come over and check it out live soon!!

Nili said...

I see a chair and some space on your desk. That's an improvment! can we afspreken?

Anonymous said...

Het is nu een waanzinnige studio.


Nat said...

awesome studio!!!

MaMaLoT said...

Wow... looks good Danielle!

rev said...

wow :)

Ingrid said...

Wow!! What a great studio, Danielle. And what a yummy goodies.

vivian said...


Daffie Online said...

Ohhhh.... I missed this post..
Your studio looks just GREAT!