Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good & not so good ...

Had a really nice couple of days !
Met up with Corinne, Flo & Revlie on friday evening to make a cute mini album that Corinne thought up. Saturday morning took me a while to wake up so I didn't really get into the swing of things until I went to a party at 13.00... then a bbq with friends in the evening.
Today, nothing much really. Spending some quality time with the kids, chatting with friends on the phone, Michael was trying out his new bmx type bike, boys (yes all 3) playing with lego, thinking up some things for Colin's b'day coming up soon and taking lot's of photo's. (will post some photo's later).

On the other hand I heard some not so great news about a friend of mine that really gets me every time I think about it and I will be making something special for her this week to help her through this rough time (again). I think I'm having a hard time with it because it's always in the back of my mind that it could hit our lives again too. C... sucks, and is such a nasty disease I wish no one should have to battle ! So our thoughts are with her and her family !


rev said...

had a great time with you also Friday! My car is being fixed monday :).
So sad to hear about your friend! Sending "goodluck-vibes" your way!!

flo said...

looking forward to monday!

sending positive vibes your way.

Francine said...

Oh, dat is naar :-(. Sterkte voor haar en voor iedereen in haar omgeving.

Anonymous said...

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