Saturday, July 22, 2006

A fun day


Cropping a couple of hours
chit chat
Ideas flowing

We had our design team lunch this afternoon. We start with a little lunch and then cropping for a few hours, always great fun although we don't get a lot of scrapping done but hey we have all kinds of ideas we exchange and new ideas flow. Great such a lovely inspiring circle of people I have around me, thanks girls I'm looking forward to the next one.

This is the lo that I finally finished Yaeh ! I've had this laying around for ages trying to make this Ali Edwards style, but hey you know what I just couldn't get it done, not me, not my style. So I made it more me and with some inspiration from the ladies this afternoon I finished the left side (which was the problem).

The journaling :

Michael you are such a beach babe !
You just love the beach, playing & rolling around in the sand and posing like a true babe.
You know that I love taking photo's of you because you're such a great poser and you like working the camera like a professional model. You're a scrapbooking mothers dream.


bookit said...

there's no better way to spend the day than scrapping with friends :)

WRW said...

looks good.
I will post the photo's on my blog tomorrow;-) Talk to you soon.

Francine said...

Love it!!

Corinnexxx said...

perfect lo!


Jolanda said...

Mooie lay out! ik vind die { ook zo gaaf! daar wil ik ook al een tijdje een keer iets mee gaan doen, maar ik weet nog niet wat!

dank je wel voor je bezoekje aan mijn log! na mijn vakantie zal ik jouw winkeltje eens bekijken, voor wat chipboard om nog eens zelf een album te maken!

Elwira said...

Wow! This one looks superbe! I can telle you tried it, but I also see your own style. A perfect mix, I think.

rev said...

loved it! Next time more time for me :) and the lo looks great! Just keep your own style :)

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