Monday, September 03, 2007


Yes a huge toot .... But not for me but for my DH Bubbah !

For what you might ask, well he hasn't scrapped (yet) but has so many fans all over the world that love his blog, he's been interviewed by an online mag for scrappers in Manilla. Check it out here; My Scrapworks

Amazing that something that started out as a practical joke on me has resulted in a this, a fun blog for men and women somehow connected to scrapbooking.
I'm a proud wife, not that I wasn't yet, he is one in a million my sweet Bubbah !

Oh and if you are a frequent visitor of his blog please leave him a comment as he'd love to know who you are, c'mon don't be afraid !


Mandy said...

Congrats to BubbaH!!

Daffie Online said...

Hurrah for Bubbah :-)

Ingrid said...

Woooohooo!! Congrats to Bubbah! I can imagine you are proud of him.

rev said...

hilarious, just read his interview. too funny! and YEAY for bubbah ofcourse!! i guess :p

christiane said...

yihaaa!! congrats to bubbah!!

Eef said...

that's soo cool! Congrats :D