Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where am I ?

This morning I was uploading the pics from our weekend and I noticed that there was one photo with me on it, and one of the other husbands made it …. So he Ed what’s the deal, I wasn’t shopping all of the weekend …..;-) Maybe I need to follow Corinne’s path and take lots of photo’s of myself with my camera.

I was tagged by Revlie ages ago to say 5 things about someone I know and I want to say 5 things about my friend Angelique:

1. She’s my best friend ever since we went to UB40 together in 1988, yikes I was 18 then ….
2. She’s become a beautiful & wonderful woman, mother & friend
3. She lives too far away to visit every day/week but we email a lot, phone & use msn video
4. I’m so happy I got her hooked on scrapbooking ;-)
5. I’m desperately waiting for the day she starts her own blog, because she sends the funniest emails with photo’s & video’s about herself & her men …...

I don’t know that many people with a blog that weren’t tagged by revlie so I tag Emine & MarieJose.


Eminepala said...

OMG Danielle you tagged me... This is going to be great!!!
A couple of weeks ago I was tagged again but didn't have the time to do it..
So I will do this for both of you

Have a great day girl...


Corinnexxx said...

lolol do I really take so much pics of myself? yes I do! and you know what I have to to get any good ones, lol. have fun today!


Anonymous said...

I'am tagged hi hi have to find out how it works but thanxs.