Sunday, May 28, 2006

A brandspanking new LO

I was going to work on another LO but I misplaced a photo so I couldn't work on that one. So instead I worked on effer dare # 18:

I'll try to explain the journaling as the title is hard to explain in english (yes I did one in dutch !). Journaling: After you've brushed your teeth you're drinking some water from your favourite cup and very focussed on the picture. Then very seriously you say: "Mommy this says aapsoluut "!(aapsoluut : aap = monkey, absoluut = absolutely) Colin, March 3rd, 2006.

I thought it was so funny and believe me in dutch it is !

Tommorow I'll give the other LO a go. TFL !


Birgit said...

Yes, it's funny! and I think it's great to make LO's about these kind of "daily" things!

Susanna said...

That is too cute!
Fab page. Love the monkey.

Francine said...

That is ape-solutely funny! :D Cool LO!!! I *love* the dares. I really should participate more.

bookit said... dutch isn't good enought to appreciate the humour...but i can appreciate the layout! great work!!!

Corinnexxx said...

grappige lo! op je vraagje op mijn blog moet ik ja zeggen die foto op de lo is van de fotoshoot! zodar de nieuwe kit uit is krijgen de ouders de lo!


amber said...

hey danielle - they have elmex in germany too. ha! i get the title, very cute!! ;)