Friday, November 06, 2009


I get inspired a lot, and when I say a lot i mean A LOT ! Through bloglines i am connected to so many, many fun blogs that I get overinspired and save a lot of fun ideas but don't get around to actually doing something with it.

So when our latest ducht dare came around, which we changed last minute so we could pay tribute to an inspirational blog One Little Word that closed down, I had to use one of my saved ideas.

This cute little quote was found on the blog of Vicki Chrisman and she made the cutest canvas of it which I scraplifted and made my own. I'm loving it and want to make more little canvasses with inspiring quotes on it for my home. Check out what the rest of the girls made here, hope we inspire you !


Birgit said...

Super cute! Unfortunatly the link to the DT projects is not working!

Astrid said...

Hi Daan, hoe was je crop afgelopen week? Jammer dat ik niet kon komen. Leuke canvas heb je gemaakt! Doei Astrid

Monique said...

Ik vind 'm zo leuk! Geweldig he al die inspiratie op de www! En jij inspireert weer anderen met de Dutch Dares! Leuke cropavonden gehad? Heb aan jullie gedacht hoor (en aan de Red Velvet cc die je vast weer gebakken hebt ;) )

Anonymous said...
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