Monday, November 03, 2008

don't you just love

Downloading really old pic's from your "extra" camera that you had forgotten and finding gorgeous, special & other fun time photo's on there ? I know I do !

I cannot wait to scrap these pics of the boys !!

Love these quotes I saw in Utrecht. My favorite is the protect me one ;)

He loves a special lunch or dinner at school, I believe this was easter 2008.

A fun dinner with friends a while back

A gamecomputer makes everything better in his world ...

Yes she really can be a diva sometimes ;)


Myrthe said...

Love those pics!
I have about 10 full rolls of film in a drawer of my desk that I never had developed. I think I took those pics more than 10 years ago. I'm not sure the film still is any good, but I definitely should try to retrieve the pics on them. Thanks! :)

Marianne Hope said...

I love it when I re-discover photos I'd forgotten about. It's like finding a tresure. Good to see you are blogging again....and thanks for ALL your comments on my blogg, he, he

Hanneke said...

Great pictures!!