Sunday, September 07, 2008

Special Events

It's my birthday

I've supported a friend in her goal to get 1.500 sponsor donations for a breastcancer charity fund "A Sisters Hope" walk (she not only has to raise this money but also walk 60km) which I think is so awesome !!!! I wanted to help so I baked about 90 cupcakes which sold really well at a bake sale. Feels good to donate some time and ingredients that quadrouple it's value :D

I started a new blog so I wouldn't bore you with all my cupcakes on this blog (I've been making a lot lately), if you want to see them you can find them here, but wanted to share these, since they are my fave's till now. Made them for a special date with my friends Co, Jo & Flo

photo courtesy of C. Delis


Angelique said...

Lief vriendinnetje! GEFELICITEERD!

Daffie Online said...

Gefeliciteerd lieve Daan!
3 en 8.. allebei lievelingscijfers van mij :-)

Fijne dag!!

En neem even een paar cakejes om het te vieren! Het ziet er geweldig uit!!

Nicole said...

Hé Daan gefeliciteerd...maak er een super dag van...zie je morgen!!!

...en de cupcakes zien er echt heerlijk uit...

dikke kus Nicole

Astrid said...

Happy birthday to you! Good age ;)
Have a nice day. And what a great way to help Monique!
Hugs Astrid

Monique said...

GEFELICITEERD!!!!!! En een fijne dag - op het sportveld :)
En ik kan het niet vaak genoeg zeggen; zooooooooooo super enorm bedankt voor de prachtige en lekkere pink ribbon cupcakes!

Evi said...

Proficiat met je verjaardag!!!!!!!
Ik hoop dat je een leuke dag hebt (gehad)!

rev said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and i would come to eat those cupcakes ANY time :D

Katja said...

happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you had a great day.....did your fellas spoil you ????

Nili said...

happy birthday! I thought about you testerday at sistv and made you a card...hope to post it soon on my blog :)
LOVVVVVVE your capecakes. I know what i want for my birthday but we need to discuss 'kosjer' again...hehehe.

Ingrid said...

Happy belated Birthday, Daan! It has been waaaaaaaay tooooooo long since I visited your blog. So sorry!! I just found out about your cupcakes blog. HELP!!! What are you doing to me? :-) The pink ribbon cupcakes are great!!

José (It's a Dutch Girlsname!) said...

(nog) van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Pas 28! ;-) Pas maar op! Bijna 30! :D

Die cupcake blog staat in mijn lijstje favorieten hoor! :D

Groetjes José

frederique said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great da. OMG these cupcakes look absolutely gorgeous and delicious. I really need to learn to make them.

Silvitanova said...

Gefeliciteerd nog met je verjaardag! Die cupcakes zijn geweldig!

Francine said...

Happy belated birthday girl!