Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tagged twice

I was tagged by Corinne and Lucie S. so I'm spilling the beans :

Tag # 1.

My favorite sites:
omg I have too many to mention but since this is about sites rather than blogs it narrows it down a bit phew ....

Bloglines is a big fave at the moment bcause it saves me time, SIS TV is lots of fun but I rarely have time for it.

Challenge Faves:
Dutch Dares of course: and I must say I like OLW but don't have the time to do them

Guilty Pleasures:
I looooooooooooove anything with Chocolate and creams for any purpose you can imagine ....

Babysitting fave:
My parents (they win hands down) always there for us day or night to babysit (thx mom :D)

Creative Fave:
Oh no this is very tricky .... uhm ...

Scrapwise : Corinne as she creates with such ease, Revlie because I love her journaling, Birgit cause I love her style and Jo-Anne for her vintage style ...

Writer : Francine (she's the mom I want to be, hmmmm and the photographer too ) and Bubbah for his view on scrapping

Interiors : Elly (love the vintage & love the little seasonal things)

Clothing fave:
I love H&M for the basics, O'Blue bcause of the colors (they sell this @ ladies sting) and anything else I can afford LOL

Tag # 2.

4 Jobs (I'll choose my faves):
- A&R assistant @ Mecado
- GM assistant @ Wieden & Kennedy
- weekendjob @ Steps (clothingstore)
- currently owning my own scrapbookstore

4 Movies:
- Blues Brothers
- Grease
- The Breakfast Club
- Remember the Titans

4 Places I've been :
- Canada
- America
- Greece
- Turkey

4 Places I've lived :
- Vancouver & Richmond, Canada
- Newcastle Upon Tyne & Bill Key, UK
- Deurne & Antwerpen, Belgium
- France would have been nice for my language skills but the other places are in Holland ....

4 TV-programs I watch (I watch way more than this, trust me....) :
- CSI (all versions)
- Medium
- Ghost Whisperer
- Extreme Home Makeover (gotta love Ty ...)

4 Radiostations (it's supposed to be shows but I don't have any fave radioshows) :
- Slam FM
- Juize FM
- Arrow Jazz
- Radio Veronica

4 x Fave foods:
- taco's
- souflaki
- lasagna
- anything chocolate

4 Places I'd rather be :
- on a tropical beach
- on a tropical beach
- Disneyland
- on a tropical beach

4 People to pass this one of the 2 on to (you get to chose which one you like better LOL):

Monique B. (to get her back into the blogging swing of things)


Nat said...

how fun to learn this from you! Thanks for sharing.

Daffie Online said...

hmm... I will start thinking :-)

Monique said...

Hihihi!! Houd m´n blog maar in de gaten! ;)

eef said...

:) Book I holiday to Curaçao or Bonaire I would say ;-) xoxo eef

Evi said...

Ik heb hem ingevuld :)

Elly said...

Hé wereldreiziger! Ik ben bijna niet verder gekomen dan m'n geboortedorp! Had voor m'n engels wel lekker geweest als ik ook in de States of UK gewoond had, maar helaas, ik ben niet zo'n globetrotter! (Ben een echte huismus zoals je waarschijnlijk wel begrepen had!)En ik zit hier natuurlijk heel trots te kijken, wat lief dat je m'n blog genoemd hebt, je bent een lieverd! Thanks!!!!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Lieve, lieve Danielle,
Heel erg bedankt voor je leuke briefpapier! Ik was erg verrast en kijk maar even op mijn blogje.

Groetjes mama lieveheersbeestje

p.s. als ik ooit iets voor je kan doen moet je het even vragen hoor! said...
International Convention of Scrapbooking
Don't you know what it is?... come to discover it!!
3 days full of fun SCRAP with exceptional international teachers, many games, chatter and laughter! !
Aren't you registered yet? What are you waiting for?

Mandy said...

I'm right there on that tropical beach with you (3x ;)
Hope all's well xoxo

Lisette said...

Hi Daan, wilde je nog even bedanken voor je kijk op het printen van foto's!

socialbutterfly said...

love to read these infos about you!! have a nice week!!

dawn said...

Good to see you Danielle ... and love reading all the trivia - makes for great layouts :)

Birgit said...

Hi Daan, it was so nice to see you again at Kars and yes Tim Holz is amazing! Sorry you don't feel really well lately! Hope you feel better soon! and thanks for linking to my blog ;)