Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Public anouncements

First off, I so forgot to congratulate Daphne with her birthday, but your card is on the way sweetie !

And psssht have you heard, Florence delivered her baby daughter yesterday, Olivia (beautiful name) !

Did you see our sketch on the blog this week, pretty cool what the girls did !

Oh and I'm going to the SIS crop in Ede saturday, looking forward to it and not, you see I have a hard time packing when going somewhere else to crop. I never know what to take so I take way too much, very frustrating since this is an all day crop so I want to bring enough.
Anybody else going ? What are you taking ? Does anybody need a ride, I'm coming from hoofddorp via Utrecht (Mandy) to Ede....


Daffie Online said...

THANKS :-)!!!

And Olivia... did you see on Bincke's blog what she was reading yesterday? Weird coincidence don't you think?

Birgit said...

Hmmm, no I'm not going but wish you a lot of fun!

Mandy said...

You received some gorgeous gifts Daan! Hope your knee is feeling better. Congrats to Flo!
And thanks again for the sweet gifts you sent me!