Thursday, May 10, 2007

How much effort does it take to make someone smile ?

I don't do chainletters or send on funny jokes and so on (used to a lot though when I just got email) but this is a request that touched my heart ! I want to spread the news, as for us scrappers it doesn't take a big effort to make this little boy smile.
We can make a card in less than 15 min. with all the scraps we have laying around and sending it is not a lot of work .... well no work at all really considering we mail raks and scrap supplies daily ;) . So let's make a sick little boy's wish come true and give him a mountain of birthday cards and help him get a worldrecord and make him smile, no effort at all really !

You have until May 30th so plenty of time to get your card to Canada, I'm getting the boys to make one too make it a family project !


Eminepala said...

Hi Danielle

You have a BIG heart girlie..
Thank you so much for sharing this... I will post this on my blog too tomorrow ;)


Natasja said...

hanks for charing, will start on a card this evening!