Sunday, April 15, 2007

Make-over Show

So I promised to give you all a heads up on the make-over show, it's TONIGHT ! *** EDITED => OOPS sorry heard this afternoon it is next sunday .... Hope you didn't get too bored with this episode ....****

On Net5 @ 19.30, Passion for Fashion don't forget to watch it. I will be taping it as I do not want to miss the probably 5 secs I might be in view somewhere LOL.

Have a great day, we'll be celebrating Bubbah's (DH) party today ! Have a great day as this is probably THE sunniest day this week !


Daffie Online said...

I will be behind the tv...although this woman who does the presentation of the show gives me the creeps ;)

Monique said...

Nog gefeliciteerd met je hubbie!! Je hebt in ieder geval super weer vandaag!
Hihi ik ga ook kijken of ik je zie!

Mandy said...

Late happy birthday to the hubby-bubbah!